Hello. I’m Trula Earthgarden (formerly Breckenridge) and this is my blog about creativity. I write books, publish a tiny magazine, and have a small used bookstore. Yes, I live in words. I write essays, poetry, non-fiction, and short stories. I also write science fiction under the pen name Mercury Lynch. Topics include my creative process, book projects, writing happenings, events and more. What I know about writing could fit on a thimble so I am no expert. However, I am happy to share what I know and I’m learning with you! I also use this blog to write about my progress on various other creative projects. It’s a way to stave off procrastination…that old nemesis of writers.

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I’m a hard core writer, I write for hours each and every day. I work full-time as a substitute teacher, I have a bricks & mortar business, a husband and kids so my writing time is crazy limited and often broken up in 10, 15, 5 minute increments. I carry a notebook with me and write sporadically throughout the day, then I spend 1-2 hours each night after the kids are asleep to write some more. Some projects I am working on now include:
Futuristic Motherhood Book, Earthy Style Book
Beyond Battered Book
Chipped Nails & Hairy Legs Book
Naptime: Short Stories About Motherhood Book
The Man I Live With Book
Musing Monogamy Book

Mainly I am a writer, though I am creative in other ways. New for 2010, I’m participating in the Thing-A-Day project, where I make something every day for the entire month of February. I post about what I make here!

I have an interest in photography so I am participated in the 365 Days Project in which I took a photo of myself every day for a year:

365 Days Project

My 365 Days photo set
365 Days group home

I’m a member of Utata and participate in the Utata Storytellers project. from the site:
The Utata Storytellers project is your chance to tell a story, spin a yarn, describe a narrative using photographs as the main presentation material. For the purposes of the project, let’s define narrative as: presentation of a series of events in a purposeful sequence to tell a story, either fictional or factual.

Recently I started the Futuristic Motherhood Book Project:

About the book: Futuristic Motherhood: Alternative Visions of Mothering is an anthology of speculative fiction stories about the future of motherhood.

About the site: I got and continue to get so much interest in this project I decided to keep it going for as long as there is an interest, and to develop themes and ideas sprung from the project. I’d like to have this site become an interactive community for folks interested in futuristic ideas about motherhood.


Here are some interviews I’ve done & conducted or places I’ve been featured on. Want to interview me? trula at mspmedia dot net. Also please contact me if you interviewed me and don’t see your link here. I lost some information during a computer crash. Thank you!

Featured in N.E.E.T Magazine June 2008
I was featured in N.E.E.T Magazine! for Earthy Style. Pretty cool. Check it out, page
: N.E.E.T Magazine June 2008. N.E.E.T is a quarterly, online publication, laid out in a magazine format – as a showcase for grassroots creativity. It would be impossible without the wonderful contributions of all those involved and many thanks goes to a wide network of global talent, with the internet playing a vital part in research and communication.

Small Biz Social Media Spotlight on socialTNT.com: Trula Breckenridge December 2007
On the social media front, Trula maintains twelve blogs with topics spanning from style and fitness to science fiction and black parenting. But it doesn’t stop there. She also uses one of her blogs and flickr to promote her upcycled and handmade fashions. In a twitter/email interview, Trula says that since she started using flickr, her sales have really started taking off. Twitter has also driven more traffic to her site, leading to increased sales of crafts and books, while also helping generate more revenue from ads.

Abused Mamas: Escape by Trula Breckenridge on hipmama.com August

Trula is a writer and mother who survived domestic violence. Now happily married, she lives in Northeast Ohio with her husband and three children. She maintains the Beyond Battered blog and is working on a book about her experience with domestic violence.

Mama Gathering August 2004 review on lawrence.com
Trula Breckenridge runs a company called Mama Specific Productions that specializes in books, zines, and videos for mothers and children. She has also written a series of parenting books that includes books about raising black and multi-racial children as well as a book about raising vegetarian kids. She led one of my workshops and her laid back sense of humor made me fall in love with her.

Interview with Aishah Shahidah Simmons 2003
Aishah Shahidah Simmons is an award-winning independent feminist filmmaker, writer, international lecturer, and activist based in Philadelphia. Ms. Simmons is the producer, writer and director of NO! the forthcoming feature length documentary that poignantly exposes and addresses the collective silence of the Black community when Black men and boys rape Black women and girls. I interviewed Ms. Simmons via phone about the NO! documentary back in 2003 and I’m happy to say she finished the movie and it is very compelling.
More Interviews


I have a bachelor’s of science degree in business administration from the University of Phoenix. It took me 15 years to get 4 year degree! That still amazes me, talk about perserverence LOL. I started college in 1989 at Northern Kentucky University, then transferred to Cleveland State University where I went off and on for years. My time at CSU included academic probation and dismissal. Then I went to Cuyahoga Community College, then back to CSU. Finally I realized maybe traditional college was not for me and looked into UOP. I originally planned to finish my degree online but realized I did not have the discipline for that, so opted for on-campus attendance. It was still cool because I only had to go to the campus once a week and meet with my study team once a week. But in many ways it was very difficult because it was an intense study of one class every 5 weeks. I stuck it out and finally graduated!

after all that you’d think I’d be done with school, but I am actually considering going back to get an advanced degree in physics, my first love in teaching secondary math. Subbing has really opened my eyes to the field of education; and I had no idea how much I would love teaching until I did it. Time is an issue though, right now my hands are full. However I am a person who never says never. I put dreams to the back burner but keep them simmering.

I am a big believer in manifesting dreams

My goal for my writing once was just to write my books. My goal for 2009-2010 with my writing is to take it to the next level.


- I want to get my books on Amazon
-I want to get my books in public libraries
-I want to get an indie/small press distributor


I want to do annual writing workshops, an interactive experience where people learn how to put their writing passion to page. The first one to be this year!

Videos & Music

-I want to produce tiny films about what I do; how I live
-I want to produce an exercise video
-I want to make a CD of my songs
hard-core blogging about my music and video production on MSPmedia

So that’s me. All photos/pics are mine unless otherwise credited. oh yah check out my site for my zine Positive Emergence! It’s an interactive site about living an evolving, proactive life where you can join and blog about your personal growth experiences. Positive Emergence Zine Project

365 Day 327 Earthday April 22nd 2009


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  1. solaphie says:

    I like the new homepage!

  2. solaphie says:

    eeek I made a comment and it went to the error page

  3. Trula says:

    oh my it sure does look weird on a mac! also using the google browser. Hmmmm, I may have to make some adjustments. Thanks for letting me know, I appreciate that

  4. Dom says:

    Hi I noticed your dread mama site is down and wanted your input so I found this and would like to ask here If you don’t mind

    Hi I was wondering I just had my dreads put it and was told not to wash my hair but I play basketball on a regular basis and was wondering if I wore a du rag while playing would I be ok or would they come un twisted also how long will I have to wait to wash my hair? Thanks for the response!

    • Trula says:

      Your hair will probably come untwisted if locked with the single strand method. However I washed my hair when I was locking and it turned out fine, I just had to re-twist.

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